KartAi presentert på Gi-Norden

KartAi ble presentert under konferansen Nordic webinar on Artificial Intelligence in relation geodata med over 150 tilhørere.

02.35: On the use of geospatial AI in Norway. Alexander Nossum, Norkart, Norway.
Norway has a long tradition in public-public and private-public collaboration resulting in massive amounts of high detailed aerial photos with often year-to-year updates and centimeter resolution. Combined with national standards on map data and rich cadastre models this serves as a perfect point of departure for innovative use of novel AI methods. Alexander holds a ph.d. in geomatics, has over ten years experience working in the intersection between private-public collaboration and innovation in one of Norway’s largest geospatial IT companies, Norkart. In this presentation he will highlight the “KartAi ecosystem of projects” as well as other relevant geospatial AI projects from both the public, the private and the R&D sector. The KartAi ecosystem of projects revolves around the idea of harvesting the potential of AI on aerial photos combined with citizen participation in order to more efficiently and in an automated way to obtain an accurate cadastre and map data representation of the built environment.